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Ross Cooper Interior Design offers a wide range of services, from full-service interior design to remote interior design, to accommodate every type of project and budget. No project is too big or too small.


Whether a full-scale home renovation or hourly consultation for smaller projects, the firm provides unparalleled experience and expertise while making the process enjoyable for everyone involved. No matter which services clients choose, they will benefit directly from Ross’s taste and knowledge, access to the best resources, and budget and project management. 


Remote Design


During his years as an interior designer, Ross developed an efficient system for working remotely, even before the pandemic limited the traditional ways of working with clients. His mastery of providing virtual design services has resulted in a seamless process that is safe and effective, and amazingly close to working with clients on site, but with digital mediation.  


From virtual presentations to the finishing touches, Ross is able to work remotely with clients anywhere in the world. This process involves clients getting involved in their projects, including taking measurements and sending images of their space. These cost-effective services for projects of any size are ideal for those in need of bespoke design and professional guidance, but want the convenience and safety of engaging a project remotely on their own timeline.

Complete Design and Installation Service 


For clients who want the luxury of handing over the reins, Ross takes care of everything, from initial concept to final installation. It handles furniture, accessories and decorative material selections, construction documentation, budgeting, project management, coordination and installation. With attention to every detail, by working closely with clients throughout the process and with experience and patience, the firm makes every task, big and small, manageable.  

Styling and Home Refresh


This service is for clients who would like to execute their own project (or have already completed much of it) but require assistance in selection and finishing to cross the finish line or reinvigorate their space. 

It is ideal for clients who have already started their project and need guidance in adding the finishing touches, or those in need of a refreshed home without the commitment to a large-scale redesign. With his keen eye for art, and fashion-influenced training, Ross understands how to define a space with the creative use and placement of art and accessories, including bedding, objets d’art, pillows, and bathroom items. 


The beauty of Ross’s styling is in how it allows spaces to come together once he adds his signature creative flair to a project.



A La Carte Services


PLEASE NOTE: At this time, the firm's a la carte services are paused as we focus on large-scale, full service projects throughout the country. 

30 min. Consultation

Whether you need us to pick new bed linens,  cement a color scheme, or style a bookshelf, the 30 minute consult is a great way to harness Ross's professional guidance for quick, targeted solutions. An excellent introduction to the design process for those who do not require a more in-depth design experience. 


The firm’s standalone purchasing services gives clients access to custom designs, trade resources, and designer discounts with vendors in New York City and around the country.  It  is  a great option for those looking for something specific or simply needing guidance without a commitment to a design package.   


Color and Space Planning

Color and space planning services are a great choice for relocation, downsizing or “rental rescue.”  A new color scheme is transformative and enduring, while providing a quick fix to a space in need of an upgrade. 

A floor plan review is essential for incorporating existing furniture and accessories into a new space. Ross can help clients determine what to keep, what to discard and what to add, and place your furniture with an overall plan that will maximize space, look great and create a functional home.



Whether you are looking for a particular item, need a new sofa or want to accessorize your entire house or apartment, the firm’s tailor-made shopping experience will helps clients find the right items to create a beautiful blend of furnishings and accessories for their space. It provides  access to dealers, and custom design and window treatments.