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At Ross Cooper Interior Design, design is a thoughtful, friendly, collaborative process that is defined by creative iteration. With every item and every detail taken into account, the organization is an efficient, modernized, and thoroughly digitalized operation that results in projects that run seamlessly from initial concept to final installation.  

Initial Consultation


The process for our full-service and remote design projects begins with an exploratory phone call or virtual meeting in which Ross learns about the scope of the project and gets to know his clients: their lifestyle, dreams, needs, goals, likes and dislikes. Because Ross honed his skills working remotely years before the pandemic, working safely and effectively from afar is second-nature to him. A home visit and walk-though may be scheduled, depending upon the scope of the project and extent of services to be used. A peek into clients’ closets yields a wealth of information, allowing Ross to plumb the depths of their tastes and sensibilities to mastermind their desired results.


Proposal & Agreement


Once the initial consultation is completed, the next stage is the proposal, which is carefully crafted to reflect your needs.  The proposal includes a detailed scope of work, including all the deliverables and goals of the project, as well as an outline of the design process that is tailored to your home.

Design fees are determined by the services delivered and are designed to fit each client’s budget with a commitment to transparency and accuracy. Upon your review of the proposal, an agreement is signed and payment arranged so that work can commence.






The presentation lays out the selection of every item used for the project, including furniture and accessories, art and decor, window treatments, fixtures, lighting and rugs as well as textures, colors, woods and fabric swatches. Multiple choices are presented for every piece along with possible combinations of materials.  Useful information about each product, along with visual aids to help you envision the space, is included. 


Over the years, Ross has perfected a visually rich presentation format customized for every client based on color scheme and preferences. It is conducted via a face-to-face virtual meeting that allows the clients and Ross to interact while they view the presentation. Clients can lay eyes on and grasp every aspect of the scheme while Ross interprets their reactions. Follow up includes mailing relevant samples and swatches, such as paint chips and rug and fabric samples, for in-person review.



For every project, whether large or small, the design studio handles the ordering and maintains the budget, working with hundreds of vendors. The procurement stage of the project  covers virtually every single item to be purchased for the project, including furniture, art, rugs, window treatments, fixtures, and finishes. Delivery is coordinated and any returns and replacements are taken care of. A master document keeps track of every detail, as items purchased are entered into the budget document with a link to relevant visuals and information.  


As part of the procurement process, the studio can custom design furniture as well as oversee its manufacture and delivery.


Project Management  


A great outcome is based on collaboration and outstanding project management. This critical service includes overseeing and organizing the project, including scheduling, budgeting, deliveries and installations, ensuring that everything is of the highest quality, meeting or exceeding all standards and expectations.

This is accomplished with the help of a shared digital document, giving clients access to every last detail of their project. The firm can also recommend vetted and experienced contractors and service providers.

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Installation and Styling  


For clients who need help in the last step of the design process, Ross is available to guide and supervise the final stages of their project. His taste in and knowledge of art and objects, his  sense of placement and proportion, and his intuitive vision are important tools in creating a bespoke environment for each of his clients. This is often the most fun, rewarding and exhilarating part, when the work ends and the client’s story begins.

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