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Ross Cooper LLC Interior Design is a New York City-based design firm with an eye on innovation and freshness - and a deep understanding of aesthetic history. Its mission is to help clients enrich their lives by designing spaces that reflect who they are and how they live. By tapping into what Ross sees in a home's potential, and by channeling his clients' vision, Ross creates spaces that are meant to house a lifetime of memories.

Established in 2015, the studio specializes in residential interior design. Born in Philadelphia to a mother and grandmother with interior design practices of their own, Ross made his way to New York City, where he graduated from the Parsons School of Design. After beginning his career in fashion, where he built upon his aptitude for design and mastered the nuances of fabric, form, and composition, Ross turned his attention to interior design. He joined several leading firms in Manhattan to hone his skills before opening his eponymous design studio. This shift in focus was based on a desire to make a direct difference in the lives of his clients by creating environments that align with their needs, goals and lifestyles. By applying his natural talents and the skill set learned during his years immersed in fashion and interior design, Ross creates interiors that are at once thoughtful, invigorating, and dynamic. 


Ross artfully blends modernity with tradition, history and a touch of playfulness and eclecticism. He brings a wealth of knowledge of design and art history to all his work, along with a sophisticated understanding of color theory, and an uncanny talent for sourcing. 


At the heart of Ross’ design practice philosophy is a dedication to serving his clients with warmth and enthusiasm and a personalized focus on their needs and desires, taking their vision and refining it through his contemporary lens. He is valued for his sensitivity to each client's needs and his openness to genuine collaboration, allowing clients to be as involved in the design process as suits them best.

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